Do you need IT Solutions?

In today's fast paced world of technology there is many times where all you wish to do is concentrate on your core business.  We get it at Purpose IT and help all types of business achieve their business focus by allowing our IT Professionals to support the nucleus of the technology for your business.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, CEO, IT Manager or even a home user, there is nothing worse than getting sidetracked because of IT issues.  Many businesses have IT issues aggravated, either from the myth that IT has to be expensive, or simply not having the budget to afford a full time onsite IT professional.  This is not a new concept and sadly reality for many which our staff hear often.

At Purpose IT we believe service is the major key factor in delivering proper support.  This approach allows our Professionals to give enterprise thinking and solutions at a small business price.  There are many benefits with our approach giving lower support costs to all IT issues.  Purpose IT professionals charge in 15 minute time intervals with the majority of IT support calls resolved with a 30 minute block.  What is more impressive is that we can do this mostly remotely, allowing our professionals to get through more tasks than a travelling IT professional.

This does not mean that we don't visit your business, in fact we encourage a face to face meeting at least once every two months. IT support remotely provided allows a more proactive response enabling the heart of your business to be nurtured rather than limited.

Our world is changing rapidly with technology, with this comes new challenges and threats against technology.  In the last two years the increase in virus and ransomware attacks has cost business over 2 Billion dollars in lost revenue.  This is a frightening statistic but it does not have to be.  We specialise in protection and security services, also having access to many tools to limiting the impact of these Cyber threats.  While no one can offer 100% protection ever, we can reduce the risk substantially so that it does not become a stress point.  From backups, virus protection to security staff training, these measures all help your business to have a disaster recovery plan, or even reduced cost by having automation services, monitoring, all while protecting your data, finances and intellectual property.

Purpose IT Pty Ltd strongly recommends you DO NOT grant anyone access to your computer unless you know who you are dealing with; and they are a certified professional whom you have engaged for your IT support.

Microsoft will never ring you to gain access to your PC nor  will any other IT professional ring you to tell you that there is a virus on your PC, unless you have a monitored solution.  These are scams and are not IT Professionals.  If you do encounter phone calls like this your best defence is to hang up the phone and look to call a trusted IT professional of your choice.

Smarter, Better, and friendly support.


Purpose IT use many technologies to allow simpler managed processes for individuals and business.

  • Office365 setup and support.
  • Virus and email protection.
  • Hardware solutions.
  • Cloud products.
  • Web development and hosting.
  • Virtual servers.

Talk with our friendly IT Professionals about your business specific needs.


The most common service we offer is remote support via our YourRemotetm service.  This allows our IT Professionals access as if they were at your premises instantly.  A secure connection between your business and our IT professional.

We also have software services for CRM, assets, Mobile device management, warehousing and scanning systems including POS equipment.

  • Single contact point for all things IT.
  • Backup services (YourBackuptm).
  • Server recovery.
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware removal.
  • IT System moves.
  • IT Project Management.
  • New device setup.
  • General Computer advice.

News & events

Bad Rabbit is one of the newest and common ransomware attacks currently.  Generally this starts out as a phishing email with reference to a remittance advice of payment to your business.

When in a charm state this can be easily seen and the email deleted but what happens if you click on the link and run the bad rabbit tool.​

Unfortunately this means complete destruction of your data, with the first knowledge of this attack the message stating that your files are all encrypted.

Luckily for one of our customers this was not the end of the story.  They had a file storage device implemented in their system which also backed up the data with YourBackuptm in the cloud.  This gave multiple points of restoration and we easily restored the files effected once the PC with the issue was returned to a cleaned state.

The biggest advise we can give apart from a  granular backup is never pay the ransom.  Cleverly the attacker encrypted your files in a fraudulent manor would you trust them to restore your PC to a functional state?